We can help seniors with this overwhelming task. From selling your home • decluttering • organizing • packing •  clearing • cleaning • disposing • moving, to finding you  a new home • unpacking .... we can do it all worry free.
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05/21/2016 6:42am

Easy-to-Reach Emergency Switches are placed to prevent any accidental drownings from occurring.

09/28/2017 1:50am

That is a very good voluntary activity you had proposed. I am sure a lot had joined and supported your kind cause. It was unlucky that I was not able to go to Port Macquarie during the celebration of the seniors week. It's a good thing that they are helping senior citizens to move out for free. This is such a huge help for them, I feel glad that there are still people like this out there. Keep up the good work!

06/18/2016 1:44am

All are using this site for better updates and useful tips about celebrating seniors week in port macquarie with this new resource. I am using this christinelloyd blog frequently for better updates like this.

01/05/2017 5:39am

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03/26/2017 3:39am

How was the celebration? I'm sure that our senior citizens had a great time celebrating this special day dedicated for them! By the way, I believe that this will be a big help for the seniors. Since they are not capable of doing physical activities that requires strength, it would be better to extend our help with this matter. Thank you for posting this!


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